File Navigator

In Tab 2 of the left tab widget do the same as before add a grid layout, right click in the tab and select layout as a grid, right click the grid and morph into frame. In the QMainWindow stylesheet add the following:

DialogButton {
min-height: 50px;
min-width: 50px;
font: 14pt "DejaVu Sans";

Now add a FileSystemTable into the QFrame. In hiddenColumns add 1,2 to hide the second and third column (numbers start at 0). Now change HorizontalHeaderDefaultSectionSize to 150. This will make the left column a bit wider. Change VerticalHeaderDefaultSectionSize to 50 so we can select a file with the touch screen.


Now add a horizontal layout under the file navigator and make sure its inside the frame and morph it into a frame and add frameShape Box and Margins to 5. Drag 4 Push Buttons from the Buttons Widget section (we don’t need action buttons for this. From left to right name them Open\nParent, Up, Down and Select. Change the objectNames to navParent, navUp, navDown and navSelect.

Add the following new signals:

Sender      Signal      Receiver            Slot
navParent   clicked()   filesystemtable     viewParentDirectory()
navUp       clicked()   filesystemtable     selectPrevious()
navDown     clicked()   filesystemtable     selectNext()
navSelect   clicked()   filesystemtable     openSelectedItem()

Now when we run the VCP we can navigate up and down When you Select a directory it opens the directory. When you Select a file it loads that file into the VCP