Back Plot

Lets finish the back plot tab by adding some normal push buttons to control the view. First drag a Horizontal Layout below the back plot and morph into a Qframe and make the same changes as before Box, and Margins. You can also right click in the Object Inspector if you can’t right click on the layout because it’s so small. Drag 7 buttons into the frame and change the objectNames and text like this

objectName  text
pView       P
xView       X
yView       Y
zView       Z
zoomViewIn  +
zoomViewOut -
clearView   Clear

In the QMainWindow add the following to the stylesheet so all regular push buttons will have the same style.

QPushButton {
min-height: 50px;
min-width: 50px;
font: 12pt "DejaVu Sans";

Select the Signal/Slot tab and add a new one with the green plus for each button we want to connect to the back plot. Using the drop down box for each item select the Sender, Signal, Receiver and Slot for each button.

Sender      Signal      Receiver        Slot
pView       clicked()   gcodebackplot   setViewP()
xView       clicked()   gcodebackplot   setViewX()
yView       clicked()   gcodebackplot   setViewY()
zView       clicked()   gcodebackplot   setViewZ()
zoomViewOut clicked()   gcodebackplot   zoomOut()
zoomViewIn  clicked()   gcodebackplot   zoomIn()
clearView   clicked()   gcodebackplot   clearLivePlot()

Now when we run the VCP we can control the backplot with our touch buttons and by dragging the touch screen.