Source code for qtpyvcp.widgets.recent_files_menu

import os
from qtpy.QtWidgets import QMenu, QAction

from qtpyvcp import actions
from qtpyvcp.plugins import getPlugin
from qtpyvcp.widgets.dialogs import showDialog

[docs]class RecentFilesMenu(QMenu): """Recent Files Menu Recent files menu provider. Args: parent (QWidget, optional) : The menus parent. Default to None. files (list, optional) : List of initial files in the menu. Defaults to None. max_files (int, optional) : Max number of files to show. Defaults to 10. Example: YAML config:: main_window: menu: - title: File items: - title: &Recent Files provider: qtpyvcp.widgets.recent_files_menu:RecentFilesMenu kwargs: # optional keyword arguments to pass to the constructor max_files: 15 """ def __init__(self, parent=None, files=None, max_files=10): super(RecentFilesMenu, self).__init__(parent) self._actions = [] self.status = getPlugin('status') for i in range(max_files): action = QAction(parent=self, visible=False, triggered=lambda: actions.program.load(self.sender().data()), ) self._actions.append(action) self.addAction(action) self.addSeparator() action = QAction(parent=self, text='Browse for files ...', triggered=lambda: showDialog('open_file'), ) self.addAction(action) self.update(files or self.status.recent_files()) self.status.recent_files.notify(self.update)
[docs] def update(self, files): for i, fname in enumerate(files): text = "&{} {}".format(i + 1, os.path.basename(fname)) action = self._actions[i] action.setText(text) action.setData(fname) action.setVisible(True)