YAML Config Files

At the heart of every QtPyVCP based VCP is a YAML configuration file. This file is probably more important than any other, since it defines how the .ui, .py and .qss files come together to make a complete VCP.

Multiple configuration files are used from various levels, and when combined and merged determine the final configuration for the VCP.

At the lowest level is the default_config.yml file. This file is not user editable and is always loaded. It defines the basic things that must exist for the most basic VCP to function.

At the next level is the VCP specific configuration file. This is where individual VCPs are defined, and is generally only edited by a VCP developers. It includes basic info such as the VCP name and author, as well as what .ui, .py and .qss files to use when loading the VCP. It is also where VCP specific menus, dialogs etc. are defined.

At the highest level is the machine specific configuration file. This file is usually located in the config dir along with the INI file. It is not required but can be used to tweak configurations settings for a particular machine.

More information about YAML files can be found at Wikipedia