Action Helpers

exception qtpyvcp.actions.InvalidAction[source]
qtpyvcp.actions.bindWidget(widget, action)[source]

Binds a widget to an action.

  • widget (QWidget) – The widget to bind the action too. Typically widget is a QPushButton, QCheckBox, QComboBox, QSlider or QAction instance.

  • action (str) – The string identifier of the action to bind the widget to, in the format action_class.action_name:arg1, arg2 ....


A QPushButton or QCheckBox would typically be bound to an action that does not take an argument, for example machine.power.toggle:

bindWidget(widget, 'machine.power.toggle')

But it is possible to specify an argument by appending an ‘:’ followed by the argument value. For example we can bind a QPushButton so that it homes the X axis when the button is pressed:

bindWidget(widget, 'machine.home.axis:x')

Widgets such as QSliders and QComboBoxs that have a value associated with them can also be bound to a action, and the value will automatically be passed to the action. For example we can bind a QSLider to the spindle.0.override action:

bindWidget(widget, 'spindle.0.override')

Sets task mode, if possible


new_mode (int) – linuxcnc.MODE_MANUAL, linuxcnc.MODE_MDI or linuxcnc.MODE_AUTO


True if successful

Return type:



Returns TRUE if machine is moving due to MDI, program execution, etc.