Source code for qtpyvcp.widgets.input_widgets.gcode_editor

#    Gcode display / edit widget for QT_VCP
#    Copyright 2016 Chris Morley
#    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
#    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
#    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
#    (at your option) any later version.
#    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#    GNU General Public License for more details.
#    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
#    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
#    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA

# This was based on
# QScintilla sample with PyQt
# Eli Bendersky (
# Which is code in the public domain
# See also:

import sys
import os

from qtpy.QtCore import Property, QObject, Slot, QFile, QFileInfo, QTextStream, Signal
from qtpy.QtGui import QFont, QFontMetrics, QColor
from qtpy.QtWidgets import QInputDialog, QLineEdit, QDialog, QHBoxLayout, QVBoxLayout, QLabel, QPushButton, QCheckBox

from qtpyvcp.utilities import logger
from qtpyvcp.plugins import getPlugin
from import Info

LOG = logger.getLogger(__name__)

    from PyQt5.Qsci import QsciScintilla, QsciLexerCustom
except ImportError as e:
    LOG.critical("Can't import QsciScintilla - is package python-pyqt5.qsci installed?", exc_info=e)

STATUS = getPlugin('status')
INFO = Info()

# ==============================================================================
# Simple custom lexer for Gcode
# ==============================================================================
[docs]class GcodeLexer(QsciLexerCustom): def __init__(self, parent=None, standalone=False): super(GcodeLexer, self).__init__(parent) # This prevents doing unneeded initialization # when QtDesginer loads the plugin. if parent is None and not standalone: return self._styles = { 0: 'Default', 1: 'Comment', 2: 'Key', 3: 'Assignment', 4: 'Value', } for key, value in self._styles.items(): setattr(self, value, key) font = QFont() font.setFamily('Courier') font.setFixedPitch(True) font.setPointSize(10) font.setBold(True) self.setFont(font, 2) # Paper sets the background color of each style of text def setPaperBackground(self, color, style=None): if style is None: for i in range(0, 5): self.setPaper(color, i) else: self.setPaper(color, style)
[docs] def description(self, style): return self._styles.get(style, '')
[docs] def defaultColor(self, style): if style == self.Default: return QColor('#000000') # black elif style == self.Comment: return QColor('#000000') # black elif style == self.Key: return QColor('#0000CC') # blue elif style == self.Assignment: return QColor('#CC0000') # red elif style == self.Value: return QColor('#00CC00') # green return QsciLexerCustom.defaultColor(self, style)
[docs] def styleText(self, start, end): editor = self.editor() if editor is None: return # scintilla works with encoded bytes, not decoded characters. # this matters if the source contains non-ascii characters and # a multi-byte encoding is used (e.g. utf-8) source = '' if end > editor.length(): end = editor.length() if end > start: if sys.hexversion >= 0x02060000: # faster when styling big files, but needs python 2.6 source = bytearray(end - start) editor.SendScintilla( editor.SCI_GETTEXTRANGE, start, end, source) else: source = str(editor.text()).encode('utf-8')[start:end] if not source: return # the line index will also be needed to implement folding index = editor.SendScintilla(editor.SCI_LINEFROMPOSITION, start) if index > 0: # the previous state may be needed for multi-line styling pos = editor.SendScintilla( editor.SCI_GETLINEENDPOSITION, index - 1) state = editor.SendScintilla(editor.SCI_GETSTYLEAT, pos) else: state = self.Default set_style = self.setStyling self.startStyling(start, 0x1f) # scintilla always asks to style whole lines for line in source.splitlines(True): # print(line) length = len(line) graymode = False msg = ('msg'.encode('utf-8') in line.lower() or 'debug'.encode('utf-8') in line.lower()) for char in str(line): # print(char) if char == '(': graymode = True set_style(1, self.Comment) continue elif char == ')': graymode = False set_style(1, self.Comment) continue elif graymode: if msg and char.lower() in ('m', 's', 'g', ',', 'd', 'e', 'b', 'u'): set_style(1, self.Assignment) if char == ',': msg = False else: set_style(1, self.Comment) continue elif char in ('%', '<', '>', '#', '='): state = self.Assignment elif char in ('[', ']'): state = self.Value elif char.isalpha(): state = self.Key elif char.isdigit(): state = self.Default else: state = self.Default set_style(1, state) # folding implementation goes here index += 1
# ============================================================================== # Base editor class # ==============================================================================
[docs]class EditorBase(QsciScintilla): ARROW_MARKER_NUM = 8 def __init__(self, parent=None): super(EditorBase, self).__init__(parent) # linuxcnc defaults self.idle_line_reset = False # don't allow editing by default self.setReadOnly(True) # Set the default font font = QFont() font.setFamily('Courier') font.setFixedPitch(True) font.setPointSize(10) self.setFont(font) self.setMarginsFont(font) # Margin 0 is used for line numbers fontmetrics = QFontMetrics(font) self.setMarginsFont(font) self.setMarginWidth(0, fontmetrics.width("0000") + 6) self.setMarginLineNumbers(0, True) self.setMarginsBackgroundColor(QColor("#cccccc")) # Clickable margin 1 for showing markers self.setMarginSensitivity(1, True) # setting marker margin width to zero make the marker highlight line self.setMarginWidth(1, 10) self.marginClicked.connect(self.on_margin_clicked) self.markerDefine(QsciScintilla.RightArrow, self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM) self.setMarkerBackgroundColor(QColor("#ffe4e4"), self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM) # Brace matching: enable for a brace immediately before or after # the current position # self.setBraceMatching(QsciScintilla.SloppyBraceMatch) # Current line visible with special background color self.setCaretLineVisible(True) self.setCaretLineBackgroundColor(QColor("#ffe4e4")) # Set custom gcode lexer self.lexer = GcodeLexer(self) self.lexer.setDefaultFont(font) self.setLexer(self.lexer) # default gray background self.set_background_color('#C0C0C0') self.highlit = None # not too small # self.setMinimumSize(200, 100)
[docs] def find_text_occurences(self, text): """Return byte positions of start and end of all 'text' occurences in the document""" text_len = len(text) end_pos = self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_GETLENGTH) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETSTART, 0) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETEND, end_pos) occurences = [] match = self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SEARCHINTARGET, text_len, text) print(match) while match != -1: match_end = self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_GETTARGETEND) occurences.append((match, match_end)) # -- if there's a match, the target is modified so we shift its start # -- and restore its end -- self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETSTART, match_end) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETEND, end_pos) # -- find it again in the new (reduced) target -- match = self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SEARCHINTARGET, text_len, text) return occurences
def highlight_occurences(self, text): occurences = self.find_text_occurences(text) text_len = len(text) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETSTYLEBITS, 8) for occs in occurences: self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETINDICATORCURRENT, 0) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_INDICATORFILLRANGE, occs[0], text_len) # -- this is somewhat buggy : it was meant to change the color # -- but somewhy the colouring suddenly changes colour. # self.SendScintilla(Qsci.QsciScintilla.SCI_STARTSTYLING, occs[0], 0xFF) # self.SendScintilla(Qsci.QsciScintilla.SCI_SETSTYLING, # textLen, # styles["HIGHLIGHT"][0]) self.highlit = occurences def clear_highlights(self): if self.highlit is None: return for occs in self.highlit: self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETINDICATORCURRENT, 0) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_INDICATORCLEARRANGE, occs[0], occs[1] - occs[0]) self.highlit = None def text_search(self, text, from_start, highlight_all, re=False, cs=True, wo=False, wrap=True, forward=True, line=-1, index=-1, show=True): if text is not None: if highlight_all: self.clear_highlights() self.highlight_occurences(text) if from_start: self.setCursorPosition(0, 0) match = self.findFirst(text, re, cs, wo, wrap, forward, line, index, show) def text_replace(self, text, sub, from_start, re=False, cs=True, wo=False, wrap=True, forward=True, line=-1, index=-1, show=True): if text is not None and sub is not None: self.clear_highlights() self.highlight_occurences(text) if from_start: self.setCursorPosition(0, 0) match = self.findFirst(text, re, cs, wo, wrap, forward, line, index, show) if match: self.replace(sub) def text_replace_all(self, text, sub, from_start, re=False, cs=True, wo=False, wrap=True, forward=True, line=-1, index=-1, show=True): if text is not None and sub is not None: self.clear_highlights() self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETSTART, 0) end_pos = self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_GETLENGTH) self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SETTARGETEND, end_pos) print((self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_SEARCHINTARGET, len(text), text))) # match = self.findFirst(text, re, cs, wo, wrap, forward, line, index, show) # if match: # self.replace(sub) # must set lexer paper background color _and_ editor background color it seems def set_background_color(self, color): self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_STYLESETBACK, QsciScintilla.STYLE_DEFAULT, QColor(color)) self.lexer.setPaperBackground(QColor(color)) def set_margin_background_color(self, color): self.setMarginsBackgroundColor(QColor(color)) def on_margin_clicked(self, nmargin, nline, modifiers): # Toggle marker for the line the margin was clicked on if self.markersAtLine(nline) != 0: self.markerDelete(nline, self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM) else: self.markerAdd(nline, self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM)
# ============================================================================== # Gcode widget # ==============================================================================
[docs]class GcodeEditor(EditorBase, QObject): ARROW_MARKER_NUM = 8 somethingHasChanged = Signal(bool) def __init__(self, parent=None): super(GcodeEditor, self).__init__(parent) self.filename = "" self._last_filename = None self.auto_show_mdi = True self.last_line = None # self.setEolVisibility(True) self.is_editor = False self.text_before_edit = '' self.dialog = FindReplaceDialog(parent=self) # QSS Hack self.backgroundcolor = '' self.marginbackgroundcolor = '' # register with the status:task_mode channel to # drive the mdi auto show behaviour #STATUS.task_mode.notify(self.onMdiChanged) #self.prev_taskmode = STATUS.task_mode #self.cursorPositionChanged.connect(self.line_changed) self.somethingHasChanged.emit(False) @Slot(bool) def setEditable(self, state): if state: self.setReadOnly(False) self.setCaretLineVisible(True) if self.text_before_edit != '': self.text_before_edit = self.text() self.somethingHasChanged.emit(False) else: self.setReadOnly(True) self.setCaretLineVisible(False) self.somethingHasChanged.emit(self.text_before_edit != self.text()) @Slot(str) def setFilename(self, path): self.filename = path @Slot() def save(self): save_file = QFile(str(STATUS.file)) result = if result: LOG.debug("---self.text(): {}".format(self.text())) save_stream = QTextStream(save_file) save_stream << self.text() save_file.close() self.text_before_edit = '' self.somethingHasChanged.emit(False) else: LOG.debug("---save error") @Slot() def saveAs(self): file_name = self.save_as_dialog(self.filename) if file_name is False: print("saveAs file name error") return self.filename = str(STATUS.file) original_file = QFileInfo(self.filename) path = original_file.path() new_absolute_path = os.path.join(path, file_name) new_file = QFile(new_absolute_path) result = if result: save_stream = QTextStream(new_file) save_stream << self.text() new_file.close() self.text_before_edit = '' self.somethingHasChanged.emit(False) @Slot() def find_replace(self): def search_text(self, find_text, highlight_all): from_start = False if find_text != "": self.text_search(find_text, from_start, highlight_all) def replace_text(self, find_text, replace_text): from_start = False if find_text != "" and replace_text != "": self.text_replace(find_text, replace_text, from_start) def replace_all_text(self, find_text, replace_text): from_start = True if find_text != "" and replace_text != "": self.text_replace_all(find_text, find_text, from_start) @Property(bool) def is_editor(self): return self._is_editor @is_editor.setter def is_editor(self, enabled): self._is_editor = enabled if not self._is_editor: STATUS.file.notify(self.load_program) STATUS.motion_line.onValueChanged(self.highlight_line) # STATUS.connect('line-changed', self.highlight_line) # if self.idle_line_reset: # STATUS.connect('interp_idle', lambda w: self.set_line_number(None, 0)) @Property(str) def backgroundcolor(self): """Property to set the background color of the GCodeEditor (str). sets the background color of the GCodeEditor """ return self._backgroundcolor @backgroundcolor.setter def backgroundcolor(self, color): self._backgroundcolor = color self.set_background_color(color) @Property(str) def marginbackgroundcolor(self): """Property to set the background color of the GCodeEditor margin (str). sets the background color of the GCodeEditor margin """ return self._marginbackgroundcolor @marginbackgroundcolor.setter def marginbackgroundcolor(self, color): self._marginbackgroundcolor = color self.set_margin_background_color(color) def load_program(self, fname=None): if fname is None: fname = self._last_filename else: self._last_filename = fname self.load_text(fname) # self.zoomTo(6) self.setCursorPosition(0, 0) def load_text(self, fname): try: fp = os.path.expanduser(fname) self.setText(open(fp).read()) except: LOG.error('File path is not valid: {}'.format(fname)) self.setText('') return self.last_line = None self.ensureCursorVisible() self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_VERTICALCENTRECARET) def highlight_line(self, line): # if STATUS.is_auto_running(): # if not STATUS.old['file'] == self._last_filename: # LOG.debug('should reload the display') # self.load_text(STATUS.old['file']) # self._last_filename = STATUS.old['file'] self.markerAdd(line, self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM) if self.last_line: self.markerDelete(self.last_line, self.ARROW_MARKER_NUM) self.setCursorPosition(line, 0) self.ensureCursorVisible() self.SendScintilla(QsciScintilla.SCI_VERTICALCENTRECARET) self.last_line = line def set_line_number(self, line): pass def select_lineup(self): line, col = self.getCursorPosition() LOG.debug(line) self.setCursorPosition(line - 1, 0) self.highlight_line(line - 1) def select_linedown(self): line, col = self.getCursorPosition() LOG.debug(line) self.setCursorPosition(line + 1, 0) self.highlight_line(line + 1) # simple input dialog for save as def save_as_dialog(self, filename): text, ok_pressed = QInputDialog.getText(self, "Save as", "New name:", QLineEdit.Normal, filename) if ok_pressed and text != '': return text else: return False
# more complex dialog required by find replace
[docs]class FindReplaceDialog(QDialog): def __init__(self, parent): super(FindReplaceDialog, self).__init__(parent) self.parent = parent self.setWindowTitle("Find Replace") self.setFixedSize(400, 200) main_layout = QVBoxLayout() find_layout = QHBoxLayout() replace_layout = QHBoxLayout() options_layout = QHBoxLayout() buttons_layout = QHBoxLayout() find_label = QLabel() find_label.setText("Find:") self.find_input = QLineEdit() find_layout.addWidget(find_label) find_layout.addWidget(self.find_input) replace_label = QLabel() replace_label.setText("Replace:") self.replace_input = QLineEdit() replace_layout.addWidget(replace_label) replace_layout.addWidget(self.replace_input) self.close_button = QPushButton() self.close_button.setText("Close") self.find_button = QPushButton() self.find_button.setText("Find") self.replace_button = QPushButton() self.replace_button.setText("Replace") self.all_button = QPushButton() self.all_button.setText("Replace All") buttons_layout.addWidget(self.close_button) buttons_layout.addWidget(self.find_button) buttons_layout.addWidget(self.replace_button) buttons_layout.addWidget(self.all_button) self.highlight_result = QCheckBox() self.highlight_result.setText("highlight results") options_layout.addWidget(self.highlight_result) main_layout.addLayout(find_layout) main_layout.addLayout(replace_layout) main_layout.addLayout(options_layout) main_layout.addLayout(buttons_layout) self.setLayout(main_layout) self.find_button.clicked.connect(self.find_text) self.replace_button.clicked.connect(self.replace_text) self.all_button.clicked.connect(self.replace_all_text) self.close_button.clicked.connect(self.hide_dialog) def find_text(self): find_text = self.find_input.text() highlight = self.highlight_result.isChecked() self.parent.search_text(find_text, highlight) def replace_text(self): find_text = self.find_input.text() replace_text = self.replace_input.text() self.parent.replace_text(find_text, replace_text) def replace_all_text(self): find_text = self.find_input.text() replace_text = self.replace_input.text() if find_text == "": return self.parent.replace_all_text(find_text, replace_text) def hide_dialog(self): self.hide()
# ============================================================================== # For testing # ============================================================================== # if __name__ == "__main__": # from qtpy.QtGui import QApplication # # app = QApplication(sys.argv) # editor = GcodeEditor(standalone=True) # # # editor.setText(open(sys.argv[0]).read()) # app.exec_()