Source code for qtpyvcp.widgets.button_widgets.mdi_button

import re

from qtpy.QtCore import Property
from qtpy.QtWidgets import QApplication

from qtpyvcp.widgets import VCPButton
from qtpyvcp.actions.machine_actions import issue_mdi

from qtpyvcp.utilities import logger
LOG = logger.getLogger(__name__)

# input format: T#<object_name> M6 G43
# result: [("T", "object_name")]
# if a group is not present it will be an empty string
PARSE_VARS = re.compile(r'([A-Z0-9_-]*)#<([^>]+)>', re.I)

[docs]class MDIButton(VCPButton): """ MDI Button This widget is intended for calling individual MDI commands. Useful for `Go To Home`, `Tool Change` and similar actions. The MDI command can include variables to be expanded from widgets present in the active window. For example, to make a `Change Tool` button you could add an MDIButton and a QLineEdit named ``tool_number_entry``. Then set the the MDICommand property of the button to:: T#<tool_number_entry> M6 G43 When the button is pressed ``#<tool_number_entry>`` will be substituted with the current text in the QLineEdit. Button for issuing MDI commands. Args: parent (QWidget, optional) : The parent widget of the button, or None. command (str, optional) : A gcode command string for the button to trigger. """ def __init__(self, parent=None, command=''): super(MDIButton, self).__init__(parent) self._mdi_cmd = command issue_mdi.bindOk(widget=self) self.clicked.connect(self.issueMDI) def issueMDI(self): window = QApplication.instance().activeWindow() try: cmd = self._mdi_cmd.format(ch=self._data_channels) except IndexError: LOG.exception("Failed to format MDI command.") return vars = PARSE_VARS.findall(self._mdi_cmd) for cmd_word, object_name in vars: try: # get the value from the GUI input widget wid = getattr(window, object_name) try: # QSpinBox, QSlider, QDial val = wid.value() except AttributeError: # QLabel, QLineEdit val = wid.text() cmd = cmd.replace("{}#<{}>".format(cmd_word, object_name), "{}{}".format(cmd_word, val)) except: LOG.exception("Couldn't expand '{}' variable.".format(object_name)) return issue_mdi(cmd) @Property(str) def MDICommand(self): """Sets the MDI command property (str). A valid RS274 gcode command string. It can include variables to be expanded from UI widgets present in the active window. Example: Assuming there is a QLineEdit in the active window with the objectName ``tool_number_entry``, the ``#<tool_number_entry>`` variable would be substituted with the current text in the QLineEdit:: T#<tool_number_entry> M6 G43 """ return self._mdi_cmd @MDICommand.setter def MDICommand(self, mdi_cmd): self._mdi_cmd = mdi_cmd