Source code for qtpyvcp.plugins.notifications

Notifications Plugin

Plugin to handle error and status notifications.

Supports evaluating arbitrary python expressions placed in gcode DEBUG statements.


        #1 = 12.345

        ; this will set my_label's text to the value of variable #1
        (DEBUG, EVAL[vcp.getWidget{"my_label"}.setText{'%4.2f' % #1}])

        ; this will change the text color of my_label to red
        (DEBUG, EVAL[vcp.getWidget{"my_label"}.setStyleSheet{"color: red"}])
import os
import json
import time
import linuxcnc

from qtpy.QtWidgets import QApplication

from qtpyvcp.utilities.misc import normalizePath

from qtpyvcp.plugins import DataPlugin, DataChannel
from qtpyvcp.utilities.logger import getLogger
from qtpyvcp.plugins import getPlugin
from qtpyvcp.lib.native_notification import NativeNotification
from qtpyvcp.lib.dbus_notification import DBusNotification

LOG = getLogger(__name__)
STATUS = getPlugin('status')

[docs]class Notifications(DataPlugin): """ Notification data plugin Args: enabled (bool, optional): Enable or disable notification popups (Default = True) mode (str, optional): native or dbus (Default = 'native') max_messages (int, optional) Max number of notification popups to show. persistent (bool, optional): Store notifications in a file (Default = True) persistent_file (str, optional): Path to the save file (Default = '.qtpyvcp_messages.json') """ def __init__(self, enabled=True, mode="native", max_messages=5, persistent=True, persistent_file='.qtpyvcp_messages.json'): super(Notifications, self).__init__() self.enabled = enabled self.mode = mode self.max_messages = max_messages self.error_channel = linuxcnc.error_channel() self.messages = [] self.notification_dispatcher = None self.persistant = persistent self.persistent_file = normalizePath(path=persistent_file, base=os.getenv('CONFIG_DIR', '~/')) @DataChannel def debug_message(self, chan): return chan.value or '' @DataChannel def info_message(self, chan): return chan.value or '' @DataChannel def warn_message(self, chan): return chan.value or '' @DataChannel def error_message(self, chan): return chan.value or '' def captureMessage(self, m_type, msg): if self.enabled: self.notification_dispatcher.setNotify(m_type, msg) self.messages.append({'timestamp': time.time(), 'message_type': m_type, 'message_text': msg, 'operator_id': '', 'loaded_file': STATUS.file.getValue(), 'task_mode': STATUS.task_mode.getString(), 'task_state': STATUS.task_state.getString(), 'interp_mode': STATUS.interp_state.getString(), } )
[docs] def timerEvent(self, event): """Called every 200ms to poll error channel""" error = self.error_channel.poll() if not error: return kind, msg_text = error msg_text = msg_text.strip() message_words = msg_text.split(' ') index = 1 max_words = 5 tmp_message = list() for word in message_words: tmp_message.append(word) if index == max_words: tmp_message.append('\n') index = 1 else: index += 1 msg = ' '.join(tmp_message) if msg == "" or msg is None: msg = "No message text set." if kind in [linuxcnc.NML_ERROR, linuxcnc.OPERATOR_ERROR]: self.error_message.setValue(msg) self.captureMessage('error', msg) LOG.error(msg) elif kind in [linuxcnc.NML_TEXT, linuxcnc.OPERATOR_TEXT]: self.debug_message.setValue(msg) self.captureMessage('debug', msg) LOG.debug(msg) elif kind in [linuxcnc.NML_DISPLAY, linuxcnc.OPERATOR_DISPLAY]: if msg_text.lower().startswith('eval['): exp = msg_text[5:].strip(']') exp = exp.replace('{', '(').replace('}', ')') LOG.debug("Evaluating gcode DEBUG expression: '%s'", exp) try: app = QApplication.instance() eval(exp, {"vcp": app}) except Exception: LOG.exception("Error evaluating DEBUG expression: '%s'", exp) else: self.info_message.setValue(msg) self.captureMessage('info', msg) else: self.info_message.setValue(msg) self.captureMessage('info', msg) LOG.error(msg)
[docs] def initialise(self): if self.enabled: if self.mode == "native": self.notification_dispatcher = NativeNotification() self.notification_dispatcher.maxMessages = self.max_messages elif self.mode == "dbus": self.notification_dispatcher = DBusNotification("qtpyvcp") else: raise Exception("error notification mode {}".format(self.mode)) if self.persistant and os.path.isfile(self.persistent_file): with open(self.persistent_file, 'r') as fh: try: self.messages = json.loads( except: LOG.exception("Error loading messages from JSON file") self.startTimer(200)
[docs] def terminate(self): if self.persistant: LOG.debug("Saving messages to %s", self.persistent_file) with open(self.persistent_file, 'w') as fh: fh.write(json.dumps(self.messages, indent=4, sort_keys=True))